Hello all Langley readers! 

The heat continues and the guests are happy. Many guests are combining the day at the beach with tanning, swimming in the blue water and having lunch at the Beach tavern. 

Besides this, many of our guests also enjoy themselves out on the water, with any of our equipment from Sail & Surf. 

A few is beginners and book Sail & Surf school or a private lesson with one of our instructors, if they have learned before or after the lesson they can rent the equipment/hour or also buy a sail & surf package. If they have the package they can rent any equipment they want, any day, any time during the opening hours and go out by them selves. 

This is very popular, adults and children loves it! 

For all our guests we also arrange a kayak race and sailing competition for free, everyone that wants to participate is welcome to have fun, the winners will get a drink in the bar! 

The equipment that we have to provide at Buca Beach is Kayak, Hobie, Laser, Windsurfing and Optimist. 

You are welcome to come and have fun at the beach with us at the Sail & Surf!